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March 23rd, 2024

威尔明顿儿童博物馆很高兴在植物园举办我们的第四届年度人物活动。  加入我们,与您最喜欢的超级英雄、公主和故事书人物一起度过一个充满魅力和想象力的早晨。收集您最喜欢的角色的签名卡和照片,通过魔法寻宝游戏寻找隐藏的宝藏,等等!



Tickets are $40 each and free for ages 1 and under.


Please note all attendees (both parents and children, unless under 1 year old) must have a ticket to enjoy Enchanted Character Walk. This event is rain or shine. Thank you!

Presented By Royal Sponsor:

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Thank You to Our

Noble Sponsor:

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Thank You to Our

Grand Sponsors:

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We Appreciate Our

Character Sponsors:

Dr. Neil MacIntyre

Parks Family

Making Our Dreams Come True...

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 角色漫步 2021


For more information on getting involved with this fundraiser contact our Director of Development, Patti at

有关此活动的更多详细信息即将推出。有关参与此活动的更多信息,请通过 联系 Patti

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