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威尔明顿儿童博物馆认为,孩子们通过动手和创造性的教育体验学习得最好。我们为孩子们提供强调批判性思维技能、STEAM 指导和小组动手项目的项目和互动展览。 我们提供由敬业的合格教育工作者领导的各种主题营,以适应和支持每个孩子的兴趣。我们独特的布局包括三座美丽的历史建筑、一个感官花园、一个互动水展和一个户外区域,为孩子们提供了许多适合儿童移动、学习和玩耍的空间。


2021 夏令营

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June 12 - 16, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-6)

June 19 - 23, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 7-8)

Join us at camp this week as we take on saving the world! We'll practice our superhero skills, face challenging obstacles, and even create our own superhero gear.

We will investigate the science behind our powers and discover all the secrets of superheroes!


July 10 - 14, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-6)

July 17 - 21, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 7-8)

Join us at camp this week as we embark on an adventure into space! As young new astronauts we will learn about the science behind rockets, explore all the planets, and study the stars in the sky with our very own telescopes! It's going to be a rocking great time!

Coastal Connections

July 31 - August 4, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-6)

August 7 - 11, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 7-8)

Get ready to learn all about the ocean and the creatures that call it home! Campers will explore marine mammals, ocean plants, fish, and more through a week full of hands-on learning. We’ll end the week with a field trip onto the Cape Fear River!


June 26 - 30, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-8)

Join us for Art Adventures this summer! We will be exploring the art work of many famous artists. The campers will be inspired by these masters to creating their own acrylic and water color paintings, collage, sculptures and more. Other activities will include daily museum time, independent art work and an art show as we close the week. 


July 24 - 28, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-8)

Join us at camp this week as we read the most famous children's storybooks and fairy tale stories! With each story we will get creative with the characters, have fun with arts and crafts, and maybe even tell a story of our own! Let's dive right into a good story!

Eco Explorers

August 14 - 18, 9 AM-1 PM (Ages 5-8)

Early Engineers is all about hands-on STEM activities! Campers will explore the world of engineering by designing, building, and testing their own creations. Puzzles, team challenges, and project based lessons will be sure to spark an excitement for problem solving in your little learner.


  • 提供全日营选择。

  • 上午课程和全天露营者需要自带午餐。

  • 所有五岁及以上的营员都需要戴口罩。

  • 所有露营者都需要携带一个可重复使用的装满水的水瓶。

  • 请在注册时告知我们任何过敏情况。

  • 每个营地可容纳 8 名露营者。

  • 5 个或更少的孩子,一名教育工作者。

  • 6个或更多孩子,首席教育者+兼职人员。

  • 上午 8:45 - 上午 9:00 抵达时间。

  • 营员可以报名参加上午营和下午营。

  • 提供小吃。 


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